The Stone Massage Therapy Mastery Training integrates the various stone tools and techniques. The bundle consists of the following courses:

  1. Hot Stone Massage Therapy Training & Certificate
  2.  Hot Stone Massage Therapy, also known as Geo-thermotherapy, is the use of smooth, flat basalt stones in heat applications, combined with massage strokes to create a deep, relaxing treatment.
  3. Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Therapy Training & Certificate
  4.  Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Therapy uses warm salt crystal stones to soothe away stress and tension and promote an increased sense of well-being. Its grounding properties help to improve sleep and balance the Central Nervous System.
  5. Cold Marble Stone Massage Therapy Training & Certificate
  6.  Cold Stone Massage Therapy, also known as Geo-cryotherapy, works on the principle of heat exchange. This occurs when a cooler object is applied to a warmer temperature – inflamed areas of the body; the cooler object will absorb the heat to achieve balance.

Each course includes self-care and proper body mechanics, technique theory, benefits and contraindications, anatomy and physiology, tools and ingredient knowledge, business focus, client management, technique breakdown, and protocols. Included are step-by-step videos to guide you in your training process. 

This advanced education course features a 360 degree learning approach to ensure you will gain knowledge in theory technique breakdown, proper body mechanics, self-care, product knowledge, and business skills. 

Course Statement

As with all continuing education, it is understood that the wellness provider is responsible for verifying that information provided in courses is within the wellness provider’s state and/or local scope of practice as defined by law. In addition, course participants should be advised that additional training and education is required to be truly proficient in any topic. Once the course is completed and the student scores 70% or higher on the exam, the wellness provide will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

What you will learn:

  • Proficiency in hot, cold, and Himalayan salt stone massage therapies with technique, pressure, and speed 
  • Proficiency in full-body hot, cold, and Himalayan salt stone massage therapies 
  • An understanding of techniques, benefits, and contraindications 
  • How to integrate service offerings with business-building strategies 
  • Proper health and safety procedures focused on infection prevention & control 

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