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“5 Stars out of 5! I personally enjoyed the online waxing courses because I could do it on my own time and pace. There are things that this course showed me, that I have not experienced before like light exfoliating before a waxing service, and mapping the areas that I’m working on to be more efficient. Also, I liked the focus on upper-body mechanics. These courses were well worth the time and investment. I highly recommend the Speed Body Waxing and Advanced Bikini & Bum Waxing Zone Method courses.

– Charise Delgadillo | Cosmetologist/Esthetician

"Kinesiology Taping for Massage Therapy Training Course offers all the info you need to confidently help clients with kinesiology tape, in a time-effective and easily digestible way."
– Dr. Nick Martichenko, DC, Director of Education SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape

Great course. It found that it was well rounded and provided me with exactly what I needed.”
– Ena, Nail Technician

 “Well-informed course I loved it! The detailed videos provided were helpful!”
– Jessica D, Esthetician and Waxing Specialist

 “It was a great course lots of info and detail”
– Day Spa Owner / Manager

 “Everything was perfect, I was impressed at the full-length videos with all the techniques”
– Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Owner / Manager

 “Access to Continuing education like this has been so helpful and easy and I am thankful. CEUs should not cost as much as they do in the first place.”
– Debbie, Massage Therapist


“Great intro to cupping. After the course, I was really excited and went ahead and ordered cups to practice these techniques!”
– Kathy, Massage Therapist Student

“Have had other cupping classes, this has a different twist on it using different shaped cups.”
– Antonio, Massage Therapist

Excellent way for us to keep on top of our skills.”
– Rae, Cosmetologist